The customer’s always write!

The customer’s always write! Read customer feedback below:

“As a guy soap is the last of my worries, but I have to say “this is GREAT stuff”. I love the smell especially the Sophisticated New Yorker bar (a total guy scent). I discovered something by accident – I ran out of shampoo and decided to use the soap. I was really surprised how great this stuff is for your hair. I mean soap are you kidding me, no conditioner just soap. Truly amazing!! PS I have coarse gray hair & this worked better than any shampoo & conditioner on the market I’ve used. I’m sold!”

“Love these soaps. Love knowing that they are all natural and the scents are not over powering but perfectly mixed in for refreshing smells”.

“I have been using these soaps for about 6 months now, I was introduced to them by a friend who wouldn’t stop raving about them. I decided to try as I have always been a body wash/loofah person. Well, these soaps are so moisturizing (need that live in Chicago) & have more of a lather than I expected especially with a loofah. They leave you smelling so fresh & clean. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a TRULY natural, great smelling & moisturizing soap!”

“I’ve purchased this soap several times.. It has a great lemon scent and leaves a wonderful aroma in the bathroom. Highly recommend it and this vendor.”