Know what’s in your soap!

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Our skin is our largest organ providing a protection from the elements, we should do our best to care of it.  Sometimes it’s the most ignored organ. Many consumers do not realize what’s in the soap they purchase simply because they do not know the chemical name for each ingredient.  It’s a good idea to know and be well informed as so many people have allergies and would appreciate knowing what they are putting on their skin.

In my soaps I use coconut oil, shea butter, sustainable palm oil, olive oil, canola oil, castor oil, almond oil, avocado oil.  If you would like a personalized soap like an olive oil soap loaf, do not hesitate to contact me.  As we started using homemade soaps there was a significant difference.  Our skin just felt better…less drying, as a result more softer supple skin.  Homemade soap may cost more than commercial soaps, but at least you know exactly what’s in it.  Treat yourself to good stuff, your skin will appreciate it.

We cannot stop the aging process which is noticeable on our skin.  But we can certainly stop damaging this delicate organ.

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Soap Scum Free Soaps

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Soap Scum Free Soaps

Tired of spending money, energy and valuable time on scrubbing that nasty soap scum from your tub/shower!  My cold process soaps will save you money, energy and that valuable time we can’t recover.  That’s how pure they are!

Soaps that are actually scum free – here they are!!!!

If I could offer a money back guarantee, I would.  That’s how sure I am you will love my soaps.

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