Aleppo Soap

It probably is the oldest bar of soap in history. This soap is a hard soap and is classified as a Castile soap for it’s high content of olive oil, however, the star ingredient is laurel berry fruit oil, made from laurel tress. Because it’s natural and chemical free, this soap has withstood the test of time and continues to be sought after today. The olive oil acts as a moisturizer and the laurel berry oil as a cleanser. Together, they can help to calm inflammation, irritation and redness. This soap is often tolerated by those with even the most sensitive skin .  It will not dry out your skin and once wet it has a luxurious, smooth and creamy feel. This soap will last for months due to its high density and it is also cost effective as it can replace: shampoo, conditioner, face soap and even shaving cream. I have kept true to ancient recipe techniques and my Aleppo soap has no added fragrance, essential oil or color.  This bar has a very natural earthy scent. Many liken it to a wood burning fireplace, very rustic.

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Oatmeal milk & honey soap


This soap has a very rich creamy lather (I love it!) that softens the skin . This bar is fast developing into a favorite to help protect against the harsh winter months.

Through my small batch operation PSJ Boutique makes high quality handmade cold process soap. Using only the best plant based ingredients.

One of my personal favorite bars. If soap can be addictive, this one is.

Scent description: country goodness of golden honey, buttermilk, vanilla sugar and sweet amber. Has a warm & cozy feel.

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Know what’s in your soap!

soap sampler

Our skin is our largest organ providing a protection from the elements, we should do our best to care of it.  Sometimes it’s the most ignored organ. Many consumers do not realize what’s in the soap they purchase simply because they do not know the chemical name for each ingredient.  It’s a good idea to know and be well informed as so many people have allergies and would appreciate knowing what they are putting on their skin.

In my soaps I use coconut oil, shea butter, sustainable palm oil, olive oil, canola oil, castor oil, almond oil, avocado oil.  If you would like a personalized soap like an olive oil soap loaf, do not hesitate to contact me.  As we started using homemade soaps there was a significant difference.  Our skin just felt better…less drying, as a result more softer supple skin.  Homemade soap may cost more than commercial soaps, but at least you know exactly what’s in it.  Treat yourself to good stuff, your skin will appreciate it.

We cannot stop the aging process which is noticeable on our skin.  But we can certainly stop damaging this delicate organ.

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A question I often get asked: ” Does your soap contain lye?”

💛ALL soap is made using lye (NaOH, “sodium hydroxide). Lye is a chemical made from salt. A system similar to electroplating is used to change the salt to lye.  Lye is also made from wood ash, but that type is inconsistent.  It is an extremely caustic material and must be used with extreme care.  And there is no substitute for lye in soap making.

Lye is a raw ingredient, however there is no lye that remains in the final product. In other words by the time you receive your soap there is no lye in it. All lye is consumed in the saponification process and presents no danger to you.  Saponification literally means “soap making” it is “the chemical reaction that occurs when a vegetable oil or animal fat is mixed with a strong alkali. The result of this reaction is: soap.  Even liquid soaps contain lye (potassium hydroxide).  Any company that claims their soap is not made with lye is either promoting false information or doesn’t understand the chemistry behind soap.

Superfatting further assures that all lye is consumed. Superfatting is a process by which soap makers maintain extra sin-nourishing oils in their soaps. All my recipes are superfatted. Superfatting soaps does not make your skin oily. Rather, it allows your skin to maintain natural moisture levels.  

Bridal Shower Ideas

Lavender Bridal Shower

This was an awesome idea one of my customers had for her daughters bridal shower.


“These soaps are beautiful, look so artisanal, and have a fantastic lavender scent. We used them as little gifts for guests at our “Love and Lavender” bridal shower – they were perfect! Just top quality. (I am thrilled to have 3 left over just for me!)”

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White lavender soap

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Lavender soap.  All of my soaps are made by me from nourishing plant based botanicals.

Made to order Soap Loaf

All Natural Vegan Handmade Soap Loaf

All Natural Vegan Handmade Soap Loaf

Vegan with organic ingredients handmade soap loaves made to order….your choice of scent.

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