Copper Pandora Style Bracelet

Copper Pandora Style Bracelet

Here is some interesting information about copper.

Copper is a reddish brown nonferrous mineral, closely related with silver & gold.  Copper is a trace mineral in our bodies. Throughout history copper has been used for medicinal purposes as far back as Egypt, Greece, Rome as well as the Ancient Aztec civilization.

In the 21st century copper jewelry worn directly on the skin has been used to help with arthritis, however I use copper purely for decorating purposes.

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Full Persian Style Chainmaille Pure Copper Bracelet


Full Persian Chainmaille Bracelet

In addition to making soaps I also create chainmaille jewelry.

By opening & closing each ring I create a variety of chainmaille patterns/weaves formed into a bracelet,necklace,anklets,earrings….

Chainmaille or mail is a material which was used historically to create protective garments for soldiers. It consists of small metal rings linked together to create a sturdy, but flexible mesh.
In jewelry it creates a very sturdy piece that will last a lifetime.

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